No sense, no control, acceptance at best

Aurélie is going to a movie which she’s barely heard of

Thanks to two or three unexpected circumstances involving an unplanned maki and gossipy diner for two and a change of movie, a friend of mine and I found ourselves watching « Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close ». At the end of the movie, we escaped for the audience had the chance to ask questions to one of the main caracter. Now that I’m home, I almost regret not staying but lately, director and actor’s (and critics’ for that matter) comments on movies have been a source of disappointment for me, so… it might have been for the best.

First, this is a story, not a movie. Real time, long term, no fuss. This is the story of a boy, borderline Asperger, whose father died in the WTC in 2001. A year after or so,  he finds a key in his dad’s stuff and take it as it is : if it’s a key, it must open a lock. So he launched himself in the quest of getting that lock opened. But, once again, no fuss. This is not an American race to win a price. What if he finds nothing? It won’t make much sense then. But that’s what happens. This is the story of a boy who tries desperately to make sense of non-sense, who tries to make the illogical logical. He can’t accept that things happen just like that, without any reason. And yet, here’s the unmistakable proof of it: his dad died unexpectedly, inexplicably, violently. No sense.

I think the movie is getting at something all beings gifted with a consciousness has experimented one time at least in their life. Like he explained: if the Sun were to burn out or to explode, we would not know it for 8 minutes. Because this is the time lapse light takes to get to us. So for these 8 minutes, the world would still be the same even if it’s not and you don’t know it yet. And then the news will drop and the world will never be the same. Pretty scary, huh? Most of us won’t even allow ourself to think one second about that. Too much anxiety I guess.

Having said that, I can’t believe that I actually sat hrough this movie without feeling bursting emotions. Because making sense and control are my demons. I just thought « Well, this is a nice story. This boy is about to become a great actor. Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks are the really nice icing of the cake. Let’s get out of here now. » and the meaning of it all hit me in the metro on my way home. And i’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of things but second viewing is never the same as the first one.


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