Titanic, a long movie… and article!

Aurélie and her 11 year-old self

So, last Sunday, I went and saw Titanic in 3D at the movies.  I was so excited about it, my head was burning with ideas on how to describe my feeling. But I didn’t write it down. I thought it was bad luck or it would sip all of my inspiration away if I tried to describe the enthusiasm that took possession of me. One I never felt before. The 11 year-old version of me was going nuts inside. I was jumping off of a trampoline, my heart missed a beat every time I saw the movie posters on the metro, I was getting far too chatty everytime someone asked me about it or had the ill chance to mention it and my adrenaline rates came up and off the roof. It might/will seem really silly to most of you. But this wasn’t just about going to see a movie I’ve already seen like 20 times. I went to see it asI would be offered an opportunity to relive the past, something everybody wants but does not get. 3h15 of nothing but the movie on the big screen, the darkness, a room full of people. Nothing to tell my head I wasn’t 11 anymore and that I wasn’t discovering one of my first (teen) passions without even knowing it. It would be like meeting a person that has meant so much to you for the very first time again. Pure soul, experiencing through my eyes.

So, last Sunday, I went and saw Titanic in 3D at the movies. I was so excited about it and I put on the 3D glasses. To all who said “Are you sure the 3D won’t ruin it a little?”, I replied “It’s James Cameron’s 3D. Relax.” And I was right. I was taken away by the beginning of the movie. You actually are on the wreck of the ship. You really are. It’s even scary. All those ghostlike furnitures, doors, empty rooms… You don’t want to get into that room with the camera module. And finally you’re on the deck. I was taken over by the technics. But still, really no show of that trip down memory lane whatsoever… For now… I just focusing on how I don’t want to fall into this abyss right there, on the left of the screen… So, maybe it would come later…

Then I realized I had forgotten so much about it and the 3D would only make me more aware of it. You don’t see the story going on, you’re living it from behind the characters during diners, the sinking, the departure… You see their clothes a little bit closer, their attitudes even. And you don’t necessarily look where the director tells you to look anymore. There is more than one point of focus in this version. In my memory, certain scenes were just like a blur, a very beautiful blur but still a blur. Accuracy has just faded.

But of course, going on with such emotions, I could count upon my bladder. Consciously unintentionally, or unconsciously intentionally, I had to bother 5 people in the row of seats and totally get ahead of 15 girls waiting at the ladies’ at the exact same moment as the first time I sat through the whole movie. I guess to see all this water coming right up does not help either.

Again, I tried to feel and recatch that first time memory of the film. I really, really tried. At the “I’m the king of the world” climax, at the Rose “I’m flying” moment, at the (no one actually saw that one coming) Jack’s frozen death. But I didn’t manage to capture it. I knew too much to get a first impression. It was like a pile of memories of the film, clouding my vision, burying any chance of second first impression. In fact, I watched it completely differently. Rose seemed more like a rebel than ever and Jack seemed less of a hero but more of a man who did everything he could, more importantly everything right, to save her, as she puts it “in every way a person can be saved”.

So, last Sunday, I went and saw Titanic in 3D. I was so excited about it. And it was just nice to see it again, like it should be broadcasted : on the big screen. (By the way, questionable re-subtitling of it but whatever). And I went off with two ideas : you can’t relive the past and there is beauty in the world, we just don’t see that much of it, we mostly can get crap (and we may not appreciate beauty either when it comes along).


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