In this Golden Globes’ season…


Aurélie in mode Thanks giving

Hello everybody !

Lately, it’s been said that giving/receiving thanks is good for your health and I like to believe it’s true. So here I am, working for your health as well as mine. 😉

I would like to thank you all for visiting this blog, whether it’s been volontarily, accidentally or over a charity gesture to humor a friend/relative who was willing to do some nice writing. Stats (international stats at that! Brace yourself!!) have been up the roof all along this year, even with calm activity, and this is something I can’t quite explain but which I find really rewarding.

Thanks for your comments, reactions and to my slave (free) reviewers. And huge thanks to all those of you who encourage me to continue to write about daily life/my opinions and to make styling diversions.

I did not win a Golden Globe price but I sure have won a reward to have some nice readers and readers to win over yet.

Do not hesitate to click on « Follow » … to follow this blog 😉

Happy new Year !


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