Gravity, it’s not a movie, it’s an experience.


Gravity-AloneAurélie in To Infinity and Beyond mode

 And as such, it will be very difficult to describe the masterpiece without revealing anything crucial from the story. But I won’t. I promise. You’re safe.

I’m not a very big fan of 3D, like an ald granny overthrowned by an imposed progress of the cinema industry. But right now, I just wanna bow down in front of Alfonso Cuaron and all his team. As much as I respect James Cameron for being one of the founding fathers of 3D, I must  say Alfonso takes it to the next level. James must be in worryland by now… Making the revival of Titanic in 3D was already a tour de force  but Gravity will just sweep you off of your feet. In a world where I too often find greatness is limited by some down to earth considerations and all kinds of art killers, seeing this kind of achievement, skills pushed to the best of what it can possibly be, is just magic.

To be honest I was a little scared (a lot) by the whole movie concept in itself. Oh, by the by, would you like to go and see a movie about someone totally lost in the universe, totally alone, short in oxygen, suffocating and drifting into the big dark void until we don’t know when, in 3D and with great sound technology so you can believe and feel you’re there too?? 🙂

The perfect recipe of what all humans are intuitively afraid of: a no way out scenario on being completely alone, beyond any help with the tiniest little chances in the whole universe that you’ll ever make it out alive anyway, facing humanity greatest fears and your personal greatest fears, live.

In the midst of all the adventures of Sandra Bullock (and I agree George, this is her performance, her « moment », even if you do add a damn serious attraction potential to this movie too), in an international station, in a spaceship or in her space suit, it’s not too hard to catch the second level of reading, the metaphysical one.

And it all boils down to this: what do you really want to do? What is the stark naked and ultimate answer to this question? What is the truth of it, stripped of all other considerations? When nothing else remains but “What do you really want to do”?

Up there, high, Sandra Bulllock has to go to the bottom of things, take chances on ever and ever changing settings which can go wrong the very next second, not knowing if it‘s ever going to end well for her or to end, full stop. With only one certitude: this is gonna be a reeeeeaaaaally long shot. There is this underlying feeling of a high level athlete ready to pass out any minute with a trainer on the bench screaming out in his ears “Are you tired??? Are you overtaken by the events??? Do you want to stop?? You can’t!!”

And yet, with all this space for metaphysical questioning about human nature and what you are made of and what is exactly a soul and why are we here and how does it all work god damn it???, the perspective keeps it simple and rational (and I would add « masculine », if you will) on the life and death hassle. What do you really want to do?

There is no obvious question asked, no one is there to give you a lecture on life and make you promise to change things if you’re kindly given a second chance, but the action itself invites you nonetheless  to think about all this afterwards. It’s all just thinking ingredients, no instant thinking preparation for your beautiful eyes (blue or green for that matter). What do you want to do? Do you want to see a great action movie with the most graceful digital images you can find at the moment? Or do you want to read in between the stars of the screen and find a way out? Or both?

P.S.: Oh and naming this experience after the only concept that is both non-existent and omnipresent in the movie, hats off!



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