Leo, mate…


Aurélie en mode Redresseuse de torts

Leo, mate… It’s this year, ok? It’s this year that you’re getting the oscar, alright? I don’t care how: grab it from someone else’s hands, steal it, knock someone unconscious and run with it, go to the store and buy yourself a golden statuette beforehand if you must, climb on stage and do your speech (yes, the one which has been left in your tuxedo pocket for years now) no matter whose turn it is, but just HAVE IT ALREADY!

Sorry for the others « actor in a leading role » nominees, good job guys, really nice and everything, but you’ll just have to wait. The oscars have some serious catch up to do here. It’s absurdly overdue, not to mention offensive. Ok, you’re not the only great actor who has ever been neglected by the academy but damn it’s RI-DI-CU-LOUS!

So please, please, please, go and get this freaking oscar at once! Lots of love!



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