10 things to know about a writer

P1030908Aurélie celebrates her 100th POST!!!

When I say « writers », I mean writers at heart (a category which includes the « recognized » writers subdivision). If you adapt this (non-exhaustive) list, these general guidelines can be extended to anyone who experience a pure creative process.

  • We always have paper and pens at our fingertips.
  • We immerse ourselves in every situation.
  • As a consequence, virtually anything can trigger a story in our heads. We just don’t know how, what and why.
  • So… YOU might just end up in a book. Maybe your name, your physical appearance or the situation will be different but your probabilities to inspire something are over the roof. Beware…
  • Don’t let us loose in a book store. You’ll find us curled up in a corner, incapacitated by the frustration of not being able to choose among/absorb/equal/surpass all the greatness the thousands of pages surrounding us harbour (while perfectly knowing that some pages can be ruined by awful ideas). Alternative ending: finding us, checking out 7 books or so, to add up to the 30 novels/essays already piling up at home, waiting to be read.
  • On the same basis: don’t let us go near any notebook. It’s like shoes for shoes addicts. We always find at least one notebook, already fantasizing about how it could host a new wonderful idea, even if we already have 25 notebooks completely untouched (yet!) at home. The thing is, if we’re totally honest here, we generally write on the first scrap of paper available. It can be a crumpled and torn up post-it.
  • We have a blog, or something similar, and/or we spam your mailboxes with texts which would frighten any publisher. Again, time to be honest here, you don’t give a **** and we’re quite a pain in the *** but we continue to do it because… there is no other choice for us really.
  • We consider our writing projects like gestations.
  • And as for childbirth, when an idea wants to come out, it has to come out. Letting it stuck in your head is like keeping a wild monkey in a cage facing a banana plantation. Unbearable.
  • As a general rule, this idea shows up at times when you actually don’t use the part of your brain dedicated to writing: when you do the washing-up/take a shower/drive for 5h on the highway/fall asleep, in class, during a boring conference, just when you learn how to catch a trapeze at the circus, etc.

Now, fear not my friends. With the exception of some of us, we’re still high functioning responsible human beings, successfully carrying on with the world and the obligations we are faced with despite our thriving mind! We (you and I) are all heroes of our own stories after all!

P.S. : I know we don’t need so many pens to write. A leadless pencil would be enough, even if we have to engrave the words (yes, we’re hardcore like that) on the paper. But it would not have looked this nice on the photo.


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